Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goodbye job.

So, I quit my job at the gay and lesbian publishing company MCV this week. Well, not this week exactly. I gave notice three weeks ago and finished up on Monday, which is an odd day to have your last day at work but hey that's production cycles on a weekly fag rag for you.

The reasons for my quitting were many and varied; indeed I'd been contemplating the move since the start of the year; but the thing that ultimately forced my hand was a request from the boss in Sydney that I change the days I worked for the company from Mondays and Fridays to Thursdays and Fridays. Since Thursday is the day I do my radio show on 3RRR, I said no. The rest is history.

Last night, Friday, was my very low key farewell drinks from the job. I'll miss the people I work with, especially the editorial team, Andrew and Rachel, but not the job itself. The income, on the other hand...

Hopefully I'll be starting a new part-time job freelancing for within a couple of weeks. Luckily I still have my two days a week at Arts Hub to get me through, although I suspect things will get pretty tight fairly quickly, given that Arts Hub pays monthly and I'm terrible at budgeting. Not to mention terrible at saving. At 42, I have zero savings in the bank and still live hand to mouth, as I did in my 20's. This really has to change.

I spent today drinking, going to a mate's place for the first BBQ of summer - it's not officially summer yet, but on the other hand it was 30 degrees, which is definitely summer weather - and watching the recent Star Trek film on DVD.

Tonight I was supposed to go to a party but I was feeling anti-social so instead I've sat at home drinking, reading other people's blogs, and listening to the two Halloween parties that are taking place at my neighbours' houses on either side of my block of flats. So much for having an early night - they kept me awake until 3am.

* * *

Editor's note: This post was started and saved on Thursday October 29, continued on Saturday October 31, and then not published until the following week, Sunday November 8. I really must pull my finger out and start blogging more frequently.

As of the time I finally got around to publishing this post I still don't have a new part-time job, and my severance pay is rapidly running out. Oh well. Shit happens.


conrad said...

It seems strange for me to imagine you being 42. My imagination of you is that from many years ago. How time flys.

richardwatts said...

Don't worry Conrad - I don't act like I'm 42...